"Since coming on board, Eithne Treanor has helped bring the OPEC web-casts to life with her informed presentation style and professional interviewing manner. Her knowledge of the energy industry and broadcast media business are skills that she has deployed to make the OPEC web-cast a must-visit site during OPEC conferences. In addition, we have benefited immensely from her media and consulting insights.”
Dr. Omar Farouk Ibrahim, Head of PR & Information Department, OPEC

"Eithne has the unique ability to instantly engage the audience at any conference. As the MC at CWC events, her energetic style brings a sense of dynamism to the sessions and she manages to make and keep the audience more interested and involved. She is an informed, inspiring and welcoming communicator."
Dr Alirio Parra, Senior Associate, CWC Group

“Eithne Treanor is one of the most dynamic and powerful media trainers I’ve worked with. The enthusiasm and energy she brings to training means executives really learn. Our clients say they felt very prepared for real live interviews as a result of their session with Eithne.”
Jana Sanchez, Managing Director, CitySavvy